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Our Purpose Statement:

'To determine the existing quality of Sandy Lick Creek and its tributaries in order to identify and prioritize areas in need of protection, restoration, and/or further investigation'

What will the SLCI Members be doing?

Members of the SLCI and other volunteers will be out walking the Sandy Lick Creek and its tributaries. We will be looking at the condition of the stream.

Each section of stream will be given a 'score' of how healthy it is. Problem areas, such as: eroding stream banks, drainage from abandoned mines, and excess nutrients, will be documented.

SLCI members will return to further study these areas and determine what could be done to correct the problem. SLCI will also return to certain areas to collect water samples. Once all this information is collected, a plan will be created to prioritize our watershed cleanup efforts.

Why is the SLCI doing a Watershed Assessment?

The Sandy Lick Creek is a big watershed. In order to know what is having the greatest effect on the health of Sandy Creek, SLCI members need to see what is going on in the stream. Once problems are identified, we can see how much they affect the stream. Problems can then be prioritized so we know which ones to correct first. The end result of our efforts will be a report that describes the overall condition of the Sandy Lick Creek Watershed. The information gained will help to develop restoration strategies.

What the Sandy Lick Creek Watershed Assessment is NOT
  • The assessment is NOT a regulatory, enforcement, or policing activity.

  • The assessment is NOT being conducted to find fault with property owners.

The SLCI respects the rights of property owners and wants to establish a positive relationship with each property owner. We value your opinion and would love to hear from you. Property owners and interested volunteers are encouraged to send us an email at:

The members of the SLCI have established the following schedule for the assessment of the Sandy Lick Creek Watershed. This is a general schedule and will be adjusted as the assessment proceeds.

June 25, 2005Visual Stream Assessment Training
July 27, 2005Public Meeting, DuBois (Upper Watershed)
August 2005Assessment Meeting - Planning
August 2005Begin Visual Assessments of Upper Watershed
September 2005Visual Assessment Training for Volunteers
Fall 2005 - Fall 2006Visual Assessment Upper Watershed
Winter 2005Collect Existing Water Data
March 2006Submit Growing Greener Grant Request for Assessment Funds
Spring 2006Collect Landowner Information for Lower Watershed
June 2006Public Meeting (Lower Watershed)
Fall 2006 - Fall 2007Visual Assessment of Lower Watershed
Fall 2007Site Specific Water Sampling (as necessary)
Winter 2007Data Summary, Site Prioritazation
Fall 2007 - Fall 2008Site Specific Water Sampling (as necessary)
Spring 2009Complete Site Prioritization and Assessment Report